Some of the reasons why most people balk at the idea of investment property are the same reasons why we love the industry so much. When you purchase a property for investment, some people don't quite realize exactly what will be expected of you. For every day your property sits vacant on the market, it represents another day when you aren't seeing any type of return on investment of any kind. Once you do finally find a person to live in the home you've already sunk a huge amount of time and effort into, you have to worry about paying the rent on time, taking care of emergency maintenance and more. Property management from the perspective of the owner can be difficult on the best of days, which is why we at Executive Group Rentals are so happy to help.

We'll begin with an extensive marketing campaign that is designed to find the absolute best tenant for your home. We'll go through an extensive screening and background check process to make sure that only trustworthy individuals live in your property. We'll also manage all aspects of the property after that person moves in on your behalf so that you don't have to. You won't have to worry about any questions about the financial situation of the property, as you'll get financial statements in the mail on a monthly basis. You'll see detailed breakdowns of all money going into and out of the property so that you don't have to worry about anything.